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Website Chatrooms

Wii Tournament Asia/Australia (Note: Chats may prohibit the use of English)
  1. 2ch
  2. Clan 927
  3. Hong Kong Team
  1. Four on the Floor
  2. Viking Bikerz
  3. MKR
  4. Clan Revolution
  5. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect
  6. Black Tricks
North America/South America
  1. Born Xtreme Elites
  2. Shellslingers
  3. Large Tournament (FFA/Teams)
  4. Elite X
  5. Underground Cavalry

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  1. Mario Kart Wii
    One of the biggest Mario Kart Wii website. This website is always down, so there isn't much to say about it.
  2. GameFAQs: Mario Kart Wii
    GameFAQs Mario Kart Wii community message board. A bunch of casual MKW players who tend to play together, but all skill level is welcomed.
  3. JPN: Mario Kart Wii 2ch
    Japanese Mario Kart Wii forum achieve website. It's used for gossip about the Japanese and non-Japanese MKW community.
  4. JPN: Mario Kart Wii SNS
    Japanese Mario Kart Wii social networking website. Most players in Japan have an account which is mainly used for sharing clan wars and exchanging friend code.
  5. JPN: Wii-Life: Mario Kart Wii
    Japanese Mario Kart Wii friend code exchange and bragging website. This website isn't used as much anymore since the establishment of the SNS website.


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Last 10 Tournaments
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    Mario Kart Wii (11 players)
  2. 男女タッグ
    Mario Kart Wii (4 players)
  3. 3v3v3v3v3
    Goldeneye 007 (11 players)
  4. CT 2v2v2v2v2v2
    Mario Kart Wii (11 players)
  5. 2v2v2v2v2v2
    Mario Kart Wii (10 players)
  6. Random6v6 CT
    Mario Kart Wii (11 players)
  7. VSこじん
    Mario Kart Wii (1 players)
  8. RandomCT6v6
    Mario Kart Wii (0 players)
  9. taggu
    Mario Kart Wii (12 players)
  10. 5vs5
    Mario Kart Wii (0 players)